Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Parody Ep.1"

Nice one!

I have no idea why this is only at 2.74, I thought it would at least get a 3 or higher, the graphics of the characters were great, and I got all of the jokes. Please make a sequal!


i didnt understand what they were saying, I get to the part were aladdin come out and quit cuz I supose that was funny but I donĀ“t know why, overall I think it got potential, work more, good luck...

Dragonball Z Great Parody = 4/5

Being a huge DBZ an, I got ALL your jokes! Rofl!!
However you should have at least re-drawn some more pictres o the original characters! heh!
Keep it up!


apart form the blatent racism and MAJOR lack of modesty
it wasnt that bad

three and 5 for you

I've got tears in my eyes

from laughing so god dam hard casue that was the best parody ever. Great job.