Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Parody Ep.1"


Hahaha!! This was freaking hilarious :D Nice work! The voices are awesome, and its nicely drawn as well

You definitely have to make another one!



This was one of the funniest DBZ paradies I have ever seen, it was so random and funny!!! You guys are awsome :]


Look, I have respect for the people who don't like this(and for the ones who do :)). If you don't like the humor, fine. But don't give a 0/10 or a 1/10. It's not like it's the crappiest thing on newgrounds. Don't misunderstand me, I think everyone has his opinion, and I respect comments. But we've put a lot of effort in making this parody. Maybe the voices aren't that great imitated and our microphone really sucked as you might have heard. So please show a little respect, just don't rate the thing with the lowest score...

Greets, dylan - & lloyd vdw

fire the animator

hey dylanvdw!" teh drawing were fine but the animation...


how disappointing. They can never make any really good DBZ parodies anymore. This wasn't funny at all. I didn't laugh. I'm such a huge DBZ fan, but this just was really bad. The voice acting was so horrible, good thing you had subtitles cause I couldn't understand any of it. you didn't even really draw anything everything was already a drawing. Every joke just got overused the entire time. I didn't like it. Take something somewhat funny and make it hilarious, don't take the funny things in DBZ and just make them stupid...original comedy material is the best comedy. This wasn't creative at all.

dylanvdw responds:

FYI, We have drawn EVERYTHING in Flash! There are no 'jpegs' or whatsoever!