Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Parody Ep.1"


Lol oh my god, that was too hilarious! Especially when Tien loses it and Piccolo kills him, keep up the awesome work

i cant stop laughing

it was so random, and i like the aladin part, that was one of the funniest dbz parodies i've seen


fucking hilarious oh my god, i dont know who this rolex guy is but apparently he has never watched an episode of dbz before and well his name is rolex so he must be pretty lame. I was hoping for some one to start powering up like when vegeta tries to go super saiyan and he sits there the whole episode trying to take a shit. good job i cant wait for episode 2


You're clearly good at drawing, and using flash.

But No offense to the Comedic part, was pretty lame.


this waz funny...make a new one