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Reviews for "System Split - F-777"


nice dude i love it. It's so awesome. 5/5 10/10 6 thumbs up.




@this is amazing !

* cus all over the keyboard *

Flawless VICTORY

Nuf said

StepMania, let me import custom songs easily!

Please, I beg you, Stepmania! Because HEAVENS, I know that I want to dance this song on my new DDR pad!

Anyway, I'm gonna start by saying that at first I did not understand why you'd name a song like this "System Split". Know what I would name it? Dot-matrix printer rampage (No offense - I am complimenting the epic sound!)! Honestly mine sounds... well much worse than this, but I bet you know which part of the song I mean!

It's the 0:00~0:45 part. That part sounds like a very, very awesome dot matrix printer on rampage.

The 0:45-1:00 made me realized that there is honestly more to this song than I just heard (and believe me I could be content with just that! But no, more was coming). At 0:57 I kind of expected that drum to drop and the entire track to go silent, but it didn't. It kept going with that catchy meowy sound!

And now, I have to say - every song you made had something - a sample, sound, melody, chord, instrument, whatever - that I honestly had to replay a few times because of how awesome it was. And this song was no different.

WHERE did you get that AWESOME beat? I know that rythm... I know that there is a song where I heard this rythm before, and it is A - MA - ZING. Shazam.

(This is honestly where I took about one hour before I found the song - it is "Wonders of You" by Andy Hunter! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7noUW4 N-DK4 - just listen to the first 50 seconds or so, you will hear the same beat starting at around 30s! )

Well in one word, the beat is EPIC! I also then understood ( at 1:12 ) why the name is System Split! It feels like two songs - systems - are running simultaneously on one device, and they both cooperate to contribute towards a higher goal - this song!

Several more splits later, at 2:39, the song had that moment which I expected at 0:57 - the moment where drum silences everything else only to have a full blast of the song drop in a few moments later. So you had them both, you rascal!

I'm letting it loop. Again. Like I do with most of your songs. At least as many times as many songs you said you plan to post! 50! Yaay~!

10/10, 5/5 and +Fav.

Welcome to 2011! Happy New Year! ^_^