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Reviews for "System Split - F-777"

Just.....Plain amazing...

I loved the beat,I loved the sound,I love everything about this song.
If I had to pick a song that plays for the rest of my life,I would pick this.
Not because it suits me,the song is just amazing!Keep it up!

I listen to this everyday.

I have not gotten the chance to download this song yet, need to get it while on my computer. Deffinetly sounds awesome with a nice set of headphones/speakers. LOVE IT.

you are awesome

this is plain funky


This is one funky ass beat you deserve a 5!!!!


This is amazing. And i don't know bout the rest of you, but this sounds like Tron. In a good way. Epic, is the only word to describe this song. Never too much, never too little. Always satisfying. Keep on doing this Jesse! I'll Continue to buy the albums...