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Reviews for "System Split - F-777"


This is one funky ass beat you deserve a 5!!!!


This is amazing. And i don't know bout the rest of you, but this sounds like Tron. In a good way. Epic, is the only word to describe this song. Never too much, never too little. Always satisfying. Keep on doing this Jesse! I'll Continue to buy the albums...

Roofs dont exist for this song

This song is simply EPIC!


This song is amazing. no question to it, the only reason i logged on was to write this review, this song has to be on of my favourite on NG. This is awesome reincarnated my friend.


As always, you set the standard for instrumental electronic tracks on NG.
Really good combinations of sounds. Bit of a nice house vibe going on.
I didn't think the wobbly bass sound really worked though, and this song could benefit from sidechained compression. Make it pump!
Keep up the good work.