Reviews for "Bird Feed"

funny bird flash

Lol sorry but i Just couldnt help laughing out loud a little at this funny flash, i especially love them when they include animals :D i thought ti was just going to be a typical bird flash but was delighted when i saw it was a kind of game seeing what each thing in the bag did to the bird! hehehe very nice work.

pretty good man

it was funny... pretty good


there's bin better + there's bin worse.
lol go u anti-crist_bob u tell her!!
i dnt no if dat girl is tryin 2 b funny wit da whole save da pigeons crap but its jus a game + can i suck ur crack flavoured nuts??? lol jk jk keep up da gd work m8 gd game.

fuck the stupid ass birds and fuck that one bitch

ya fuck it all except this cartoon this was cool but fuck that one bitch thats all like save the fucken birds fuck her she a fucken crack ho and she can suck my fucken crack flavered nuts.


I know this sounds a bit ungrateful, but I think there should be a punch line- i.e. the birds get angry that there's no food left and peck out his eyes etc.

For ideas see 'the birds' by Alfred Hitchcock