Reviews for "Bird Feed"

pointless but funny. just like the springer show

should have tried pepto bismol


there was no real point. but it was kind of funny


stupid birds......

Don't deserves that much

But don't understand me wrong, I didn't say it's bad. BUT, even you have to commit it's not exceptional enough. I guess you sent this in a looooong time ago, when things like this were original (guess that should be a few years before the big bang) Anyway, what I wanted to tell you, if you would send this in again, in would hardly survive the portal. The graphic style is not very good, the sound repeats over and over again and the "makes me yawn"-gameplay doesn't make it better. and the...the turkey animation... They look like morphed aliens which don't know how to move yet, so they hover 3 cm over the ground, while they paddle on a strange way into nothing.
I'm going to watch your other movies and see if they're better.

Thecolony member- Simpleton

Really cool

I liked this idea. Now I want to try it out in the real world.