Reviews for "Bird Feed"

i like the pideon hot sauce

well as diffrent way of feeding the pidgeon my fave was the hot sauce i like the tennis racked funny as hell he looked dead pissed off


really good. the alkaseltzer part was funny as hell.

Semi Fun.

It was fun to just see what would happen to the birds. I liked the tennis raquet best.


I loved that animation. Giving the pigeon Alka Seltzer was FUNNY :) And the hot sauce pigeon, hehehe. ^_^

Very witty!

Sweet Revenge....

Ah yes - the good ol` pigeon.
Okay - I don't know about the sun flower seeds - that kind of depleated the entire idea of this game. BUT! The pills were awesome! Couldn't have some up with a better idea myself. Keep up the good work!!