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Reviews for "The NG Redesign Collab"


its just ruined by so many cock jokes. i dont care if ppl think im being bitchy or whatever enough is enough. its like you guys are obsessed with drawing dicks as good as you can. in fact its almost like you guys are obsessing over how good you draw male genitilia. i have nothing wrong with seeing the slight cock joke in a movie as long as its funny and well thought out. but just random penises popping out of no-where it just gets to be obnoxious and its not funny even though you guys think it is.


o_o SHIT wow

Great collab!

Wow, this is a great little collaboration you've got here. It reminded me so much of Robot Chicken, which the interstitial TV static between scenes, and of course that they were all just random little sketches. They were all connected by that one constant, the relaunch of the new look website, and whilst I wasn't around for the redesign, I think I can understand now why people found it so infuriating and annoying, having to wait for one of their favourite sites to relaunch. It was definitely well worth the wait however, as this version of NG is easily the best yet.

One thing I noticed throughout all the entries was the recurring penis joke. I don't know if this was something you all talked about and decided, hey we need penis' stat!, but for the most part they weren't that funny and detracted fromt he overall greatness of this entry. Also, it looked like AfroNinja's entry was thrown together in about 5 minutes, and doesn't look great, especially in comparison to the strong entries on show by everyone else.

Still, a fantasic collaboration here, congratulations to all involved on a job well done.

Well it was funny,

but 11 cock jokes out of all scenes is a bit much.


Too many people around here are so uncomfortable with their sexuality, jeez. It's just a bunch of jokes and people need to chill.