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Reviews for "The NG Redesign Collab"

I'm sorry...

But that was pointless and not entertaining in the least. Did you just expect everyone to rate it high just because a bunch of people worked on it and added their own take on the redesign? Sorry, there was no entertainment value to this at all.


ehhhh i didnt really like it

Well done, jmtb02!

How did you get all those artists to collaborate?

the perfect oppertunity ruined

i wish newgrounds would let you vote on each authors submission individually because some of you do not deserve to have this 5/10; s i will rate each seperatly in my reveiw . Authors i liked;

Jmtb02 - The server overload joke was quite funny and made me laugh, 9/10

Zekey space lizard - meh Not excellent but not bad you probably put in more effor than most so, 9/10

Wonchop - The whining tank joke here was perfect, 10/10

Authorblues - Nice pokemon pun But i didn't find it THAT funny, 8/10

Kenney - this one has to be my favorite as it's funny and is definatly on track, 10/10

luis - meh ok but not really funny it was just ( pico?) wanking, 7/10

Authors i did not like;

psycogoldfish - Crap singing, awful animation and the having sex with the computer was not amusing, 3/10

Evan - i think the Having a cock and a pair of balls crushing the newgrounds tank is really a large metaphor of what is happening on newgrounds. It is getting crushed under a mass of cock and ball jokes, i didn't find it funny but it wasn't horrible, 6/10

Mogly - Bull Friken Horse shit is what that was, no relevence to the subject, poor animation, awful sound and it literally was a horse getting it's dick tazered. Funny? NO, this is THE worst submission in this collab, 1/10

Afro-Ninja - Was that mean't to be funny? he just stood there and has his cock spinning around, 2/10

HashBrown - A parody of animation invasion maybe? Idk but it wasn't funny so , 3/10

The swain - i neutral on this as it's not funny but not boring 5/10

if iv'e forgotten others they were probably bad to bad to mention;

How to improve;

-Less Random Dick jokes. sometimes they are ok but not when the animation is so saturated by them like this. Try to make it more than just "lololol a penis"

- Stay more on topic (Mogly!) a collab should stick to what it's subject is, here the newgrounds rediesign.

- i know you only had 1 day to do it so it would be hard to do this to outstanding quality but there was a hude gradient in quality, zekeylizard, wonchop, kenney All seemed to manage to make Great submissions while others like afro-ninja and psycogoldfish had awful animation and ideas. however in future communicate more so your submissions are off similar quality.

Overall this is Good But it has been dragged down and as i said in my summary some of you ruined a perfect oppertunity forhumour.


halarious loading screen. The penis and balls thing kinda got overdone in the vid... the robot chicken likeness was pretty kool. THis video was entertaining but got boring fast..