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Reviews for "The NG Redesign Collab"


this was really really really fucked up.... but it was really really good

Too much penis

far too much penis for my liking. Like the OMG Newgrounds is evolving!!!


What???? Newgrounds is evolving!


I can't say that I am a fan of the widespread cocks in this submission, but I can say that this wasn't a bad submission by any means, the majority of the graphics were solid and fun to watch. Each part really entertained me and captured any type of audience that NG will provide, I agree with you totally on that load screen, and I found this to have been really nice. Good job.

Weird Cocks

This collab has alot of my favorites animators but it's alittle weird and can get alittle boring. I mean there alot of cock jokes, Swain does most of the voices in each part & that electric shock noise can give a headache. My favorite part were by Evan & ZekeySpaceyLizard. Overall, okay collab but it could of been better.