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Reviews for "Hungry Hungry Wiggies"

It was a little ok...

The game was a lil' good it's gameplay method was way difrent from the other flash games on Newgrounds. It does put up a good a chalenge and all of the other good modes keep it worth while. The graphics themselves are also good. But the problem with it is that it is very repetetive and tough at times but sometimes you'll get the hang of it. I don't really got a really big reveiw, but yeah, this is alright.


Is one player meant to control this?

Or is it intended for like, 6 kids, all sitting at the same keyboard?

I have to admit this isn't quite what I expected. It doesn't really teach the kids anything (other than "eat the food that falls from the sky if it's the same color as you,") I suppose it could be a metaphor for "eating right," but I don't think most kids will think about it that deeply.

Also, if it's intended for multiple players, you should be aware that it emphesizes competition more than teamwork. I'm just saying.

Great surface, though. Nice thick line work. I can do that. :)

BoMToons responds:

Ha ha, no it's meant for one player, but it really does stretch your mind to play. As for the educational aspect, I think that somehow that part got over-emphasized, I'd much prefer an entertaining non-educational game, to a boring educational one. But entertaining AND educational would be the ultimate combo. Besides, this game teaches rhythm skills, which is a valuable tool for youngsters :P

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon got a ranking of 9 on normal even though Kevin Bacon thought he was doing poorly. Kevin Bacon deems this game hard but passable

For me, this wasn't great. It's mostly because I'm quite bad at it. The keys just seemed pretty random. I'm used to the ASDF format. At least this was unique. The animation was quite nice.

I never know whether or not to call it animation or graphics. It's nice to have a game series. Where's "Epic Battle Fantasy"? This I guess is fine for a quick run. Good thing you don't lose for missing.

Really good game

Wow I have to say that this one was a really good game the graphics was really nice this has a delighfull element and visual and the game was refreshing this game is the type of game you could make it more exciting with some added medals anyways fun game you have created.

this game is the type of game you could make it more exciting with some added medals