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Reviews for "Hungry Hungry Wiggies"


This game is one of my favourites! =D
I love the idea, the controls, the graphics, the gameplay...everything!

I managed to get a Wiggie rating of 6 on normal (8 on easy =P)
I've yet to try hard, but i'm pleased all the same

I agree that it is hard at first, but like with most things in life: practice makes perfect =)

it was quite good

it was a little hard to get used to the controls tho... and it was a little fast for me, but... thats probably jsut me. im sure lots of other had it mastered! anyway... keep up the good work!


This little Wiggies are so cute. c:
The graphics are awesome, and the only thing that could be improved is controlling... the keys to control the Wiggies were a bit difficult to use.

Pretty nice.

This is a very nice submission and I would rank it in the top 100 submissions. Anyway the graphics were amasing. Everything was colored and detailed and everything. It screamed "PLAY ME" which is always good. The style of the gameplay and the art was also very good, the cute style in this wasnt to cute, but was cute enough. Nice balance. The gameplay itself was a bit bland though considering it was alot like ddr, but with a few added twists. Nonetheless despite all this you made a very nice looking game, good job.

Nice. I like unique games like this. The gameplay mechanisms, the graphical angle from which you see everything, the characters (they do remind a little of Goombas) and the fact that you use different keys for different... bugs, or whatever they're called. It's a bit odd a key combination though, not all in a line or order. But apart from that, great work!