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Reviews for "Hungry Hungry Wiggies"


This game is one of my favourites! =D
I love the idea, the controls, the graphics, the gameplay...everything!

I managed to get a Wiggie rating of 6 on normal (8 on easy =P)
I've yet to try hard, but i'm pleased all the same

I agree that it is hard at first, but like with most things in life: practice makes perfect =)


I couldn't play this, even on easy. It's too much to focus on.

Is one player meant to control this?

Or is it intended for like, 6 kids, all sitting at the same keyboard?

I have to admit this isn't quite what I expected. It doesn't really teach the kids anything (other than "eat the food that falls from the sky if it's the same color as you,") I suppose it could be a metaphor for "eating right," but I don't think most kids will think about it that deeply.

Also, if it's intended for multiple players, you should be aware that it emphesizes competition more than teamwork. I'm just saying.

Great surface, though. Nice thick line work. I can do that. :)

BoMToons responds:

Ha ha, no it's meant for one player, but it really does stretch your mind to play. As for the educational aspect, I think that somehow that part got over-emphasized, I'd much prefer an entertaining non-educational game, to a boring educational one. But entertaining AND educational would be the ultimate combo. Besides, this game teaches rhythm skills, which is a valuable tool for youngsters :P

cool one

that was a pretty nice game for the Rock Out contest. It had some good audio in it, though the gameplay itself was pretty simple overall. a bigger challenge would've definitely been better for this one, but it was still nice either way.

Pretty nice.

This is a very nice submission and I would rank it in the top 100 submissions. Anyway the graphics were amasing. Everything was colored and detailed and everything. It screamed "PLAY ME" which is always good. The style of the gameplay and the art was also very good, the cute style in this wasnt to cute, but was cute enough. Nice balance. The gameplay itself was a bit bland though considering it was alot like ddr, but with a few added twists. Nonetheless despite all this you made a very nice looking game, good job.