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Reviews for "Headfirst To Hell"


Ok, the game idea wasn't bad, but poorly perfomed. The clicking was ok, but having to time it like playing Guitar Hero makes it a chore. Also, there are just some parts that are too damn difficult to perfectly play. Try getting rid of the circle idea and just make the button fade after a certain period. Or keep the button and allow for a better success margin. Still fix the gameplay just a tad.

The story wasn't enthralling, but then again, many flash games aren't, so you should put less emphasis on it. Still, the ending was a let down after going through that difficult game. Write the story out before you animate it.

The biggest merit on the whole is the music. While the fact that this is taking place in 2007, and that the person going to hell is trying to use a sword and accoustic guitar makes NO SENSE, the music is still beautiful. However, some more variety is needed. I heard more classical music in the game than blues music, so there's some work to be done yet.

6/10, because the control felt sloppy, and the story had a stink bomb ending. The music was nice, though.


wright a sequil


This is an amazing flash, with great game play. The music is outstanding, and thank you for not putting in bad voice overs... Keep up the good work, and do you have any of the music posted in the Audio section?


it's really creative and fun! too bad u cant make a sequel since the dude is trapped in hell

It is hard

But I love it! This game actually had a story! and a true one! well not really true since it is just a myth but I have heard that story before and they even make fun of it on Metalocalypse!! I love this game because it is totally different and it is very well put together!!