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Reviews for "Headfirst To Hell"


i'm afraid that flamewolf393 is right this game SUCKS

cool but...

well, it was cool, except the devil one so thats the only part i h8ed. It should of been a 5th level or something. It was a very cool game though and i beat it. The only 2 mistakes i saw was when it said the 1st chapter. In the chapter its called the old mans "lessen" but it should be "lesson" and at the end, after you beat the last lvl, in the outro the old man says "'verry' well" instead of "'very' well." Overall, it was a very good game and it was translated very good for you being German. 4/5 and 8/10

i don't get it

This is not a rhythm game, it's just clicking on random buttons that pop up, and why do some of the buttons turn into x's as soon as they pop up?


The storyline was great and really enjoyable and the music was fun to play too. the game play was a lil hard, but nothing impossible. you get used to it. but overall awsome game

Really cool!

I really liked the storyline. there were only two things that I think could be improved-the last level is a bit tricky, and there should be more opportunities to play. Other than that, I loved it!