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Reviews for "Headfirst To Hell"

i give it a 10!

loved the game very competative and i won on my first time on the last song but only 1 percent higher lol but it is shorter then i expected so mabe u can make 1 about him getting out of hell.well thats just an idea but its a really good game i give it a 10!

i cant recall....

if ive written a review for this before. So ill write another.
I thought it was great. It was hard, but rather short(maybe another game like it?*wink wink*). Anyways, i thought it was really good, nice progression of difficulty, though it started rather hard. Took me about 3 tries to beat the last song. I liked the story line as well, although i wish it had actually had Robert Johnson in it instead of just his shadow. Overall, though, excellent game. Hope to see more from you.

Now that was good.

What you managed to create from this submission was a marvellous submission. You created something that had outstanding graphics, and outstanding stuff for the most part. It captivated you into watching more and more of it until you really started to get entertained to the point where you would say "Wow." Truly a nice work with this submission.


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the ending was weird.it turns out the hobo was the devil and the made a mistake by killing robert.by the way,you mispelled very and shadow.the 1st code is smokeemupjohnny.