Reviews for "ultimate Rock generation"


What the hell is that. make it easier. do 2 things at once? come on. be serious

Too beta

The graphic was awesome, i realy like it! The soundtrack was good, but not enough songs. The gameplay is avarge, it can be 8.But its too buggy, why the hell are the notes coming after the end of the song? Sorry its a strong 7.

Quite dissapointing

It is a good concept but there are some flaws
-the music didn't have too do anything to do with the keys you pressed
-It sucked
-There wasn't enough good songs
-And there should be scores for each song instead of a total score of 3 songs

I would have not cared but on the info for the game you said it was similar to playing an actual guitar but it wasn't it just sucked

The guidelines say that if i give a bad review i have to give advice
Dont make rhythm games if you are tone def

flash hero is the best rythm game here

plese put more songs on the second one

good. but, plese put more songs in the 2nd.

wheres the music?

This game doesn't have anything to do with music, what's the point if the game doesn't match the notes?