Reviews for "ultimate Rock generation"

Very interesting concept.

I loved the gameplay. It was definitely new to me to match the arrows and move the mouse accordingly. Two thumbs up. You have some real potential. What I don't get is why the song has such a silent gap in it.


Was really fun and hard at first but i hope to see more:D

al heil you!

why is everyone nagging its so hard?
i usualy suck at rith games but i thought this one was easy.. ow well some people r better at multy-tasking than others
you get a 9 mate gfx where simple but effective and although it was to easy it was rreally fun


Not good enough, can't focus on 2 screen. Good work.


Now, this game would get a 10 if it were cut in half. If some levels were (more complicated) guitaur parts, and other were like DDR. Or, if you REALLY think they should stay like that, at least get them closer to gether and make the falling notes more frequent. Thanks, and make a sequel,