Reviews for "ultimate Rock generation"


Compared to the rest,this one kept me playing long enough to give it a good rate. The first thing that I thought was "meh,another game designed to be played by Jedi's" But as I played on I realized it aint THAT hard at all. In fact I enjoyed it too. The other downfall is that it needs more music maybe. Also the arrows a bit closer to the guitar and this could be a VERY VERY good game.

I have seen better.

Meh, the first thing I thought of this game was "Meh, I have seen better" And its true, I have. The overall graphics of this game were good, but not great it didint seem like alot of time was put into the graphics anyway. Nonetheless the easy gameplay and the easy to get points makes it for some good value. To bad the songs arent enough bail out the score, neither is the gameplay. If the gameplay was a bit more orignal then yes, maybe. But this is just unorginal and boring to be honest. Above average game.


Well its not bad, but it need improvement. It got vey boring, and either you added way to many clicks, or you need to improve the syncing. It could have used better instrctions, like the falling quarter notes confused me as to what to do. Also needs more choices and a better % chart, its all outta wack.

This really cool game.

I liked this game alot but the only flaw is that the level goes on for a minute after the song has ended. Also this cannot be you first subbmission or the other ones just got blammed.

Good concept, but unfortunately...

The first level (the only one I played) drags on for about one minute after the actual song stops. This is a huge loss to your overall score because, after all, it is a rhythm game. You need to do a better job of coordinating notes with music than that if you want to get good scores.
The graphics could also be more engaging. A black background is boring, and doesn't make the game stand out visually.

Other thing is that you need to make a separate Help screen instead of making a scrolling marquee of instructions. People will naturally click Play the moment the game loads, and since it loads fast, they won't realize the existence of the instructions in time. It's good to have instructions there and all, but since there are no other ways to access the instructions after clicking Play, so players have to reload the game to read them. And fast readers will get tired waiting to read all the instructions at the pace of the marquee. BOTTOM LINE: MAKE A HELP PAGE ACCESSIBLE FROM THE MENU.

But the game is an interesting concept, and it's entertaining to try and focus on playing two games at once. You did it well enough that it doesn't become a balancing nightmare.
So between the good and the bad, it's a 2 from me. Fix up some of the problems, and it'll be 4 material.