Reviews for "Fjernsyn"


The jokes were really funny, especially when Argentina died. I think you also did a great job of recreating Falad Fingers.

Great work.


Uhm... definitely a lot of time and effort put into this... Great sound effects... But holy crap how weird.
And that last typo was somewhat odd considering the overall quality of the flash. Unless you Norwegians do it differently, "isn't" isn't spelled "is'nt" ;)

Comlock responds:

Thanks for the comment=)
Yes, I noticed that typo as well=)
I also wrote "website" wrong in the menu, hehe. I guess I rushed a bit trough parts since I wanted to make the whole thing within 2 weeks^^

I'll update the file some time.


I love the wet paint lol

Was that really japanese O-O'

wow, very good. Please tell me how you learned to draw like that. Please I need some tips :P I suck at charichatures

World Championship of Painting

My favorite part was when the judge would come out to see if the paint was dry. I would watch that if it was a real event, its cool in its own way like curling.