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Reviews for "Fjernsyn"


This flash cartoon was.. well, it was weird. Because even though it was so boring and drove me insane with tedium, I still stayed and watched the entire thing. Weird!

Love It

This deserves a 10 out of 10. It was awesome.
I wish more flash like this would come through the portal.
I like the robot chicken sort of feel to it. This sketch show might even be better, just because there is even a bit of a plot behind each sketch. Please make more like this.


just.. awesome.. are you danish ? :D

Well i liked it very much :D

Very much like the sketchshows in tv here in denmark heh :D


How random, lol. The painting competition is just pure genius!


my favorite part. it is still wet paint , it is still wet paint , this is so exciting the paint is still wet , the weather is nice!!!! i love how the judge looks. animation was very smooth the whole animation was random mostly the parody of salad fingers