Reviews for "Fjernsyn"

Like Robot Chicken, only funny

Arthur, your artistic style is brilliant; I can't get enough of it. The judge of the paint competition was great, as well; i thought his character was especially fitting for the role. Keep making original flashes like these because I'll never tire of this sort of thing.


Uhm... definitely a lot of time and effort put into this... Great sound effects... But holy crap how weird.
And that last typo was somewhat odd considering the overall quality of the flash. Unless you Norwegians do it differently, "isn't" isn't spelled "is'nt" ;)

Comlock responds:

Thanks for the comment=)
Yes, I noticed that typo as well=)
I also wrote "website" wrong in the menu, hehe. I guess I rushed a bit trough parts since I wanted to make the whole thing within 2 weeks^^

I'll update the file some time.


And it looks like Argentina has died..Oh woops nope he was just resting. Yeah thats allowed in a game like this espescially for newcomers like Argentina.
LOL! that movie was very cool.



That was so fucking hilarious.


keep up the great work,

P.s. and make more of these xD


HAHAHAHA thats pretty funny