Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"

hey cool!

sweet, it awsome, you gonna make a third?

cobra0528 responds:

Yes I am...keep your eyes open

That makes sence.

I whatched 2 & 3 befor 1 and now I know where that extra guy came from in #3. And I have to say if you came out with 2 & 3 befor 1 (like starwars in a way) It could have been a very intence trilogy, which it is anyways. Good work and good show.


cobra0528 responds:

Thank you!

hi dude awesome.

that was great.
you should join our collab!!

cobra0528 responds:

Thanks...and I responded to your message about that


Im really a big fan of stick series >:D


kind of annoying with the loud click sounds the mouse makes at the beginning

cobra0528 responds:

Sorry about that, but glad you liked it!