Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"


A very worthy tribute indeed.. I love anmiator vs animation, and ive been waiting for him to make a new one, but alas, it never happend.. And now i stumbled upon this one! I loved the way how the animation really seemed distreased by the mouse arrow, kinda like a cornered cat, throwing everything it got against that nasty arrow.

Awesome work! five tumbs up ^^

cobra0528 responds:

Damn that's a lot of thumbs...I might make another one of these. Thank you for the review

very good

mouse vs stick PPV fight

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you!

Not bad...

It wasn't funny, but it was definatly a very nice animation. I am definatly going to want to watch again sometime soon. It wasn't as good as Animater vs. Animation, but it is definatly is very close to being as good as Animator vs. Animation. Keep up the good work!

cobra0528 responds:

I am glad you liked it!


its so cool where cud i get the software? :D i think i said too much

cobra0528 responds:

Perhaps...buy it :)


Pretty awesome.. liked it alot:) 10/10

cobra0528 responds: