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Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"

Really Good!

This was really good! I was actually suprised. When I started it I thought it was just a rip off of Animator VS Animation, but it wasn't! It was well done & a great flash! Looking forward to more!

cobra0528 responds:



really nice man! you really got inspired in animator vs animation but hey yours is different in animator vs animation the guy kills his animation but in this one he isoleted it and i have watched the other ones and it actually comes back and attemps to kill the animator again. anyway i dont care if it isnt original i just care if i have enjoyed it and... i did a lot thx keep this work its awesome!

cobra0528 responds:



don,t pelpoe see somethig wred at the beging!
i saw dots in the green lines


cool. i like these kinds of things >.<

cobra0528 responds:

me too :)

10 suker

Inspired by animator vs animation is right, almost better than the real thing

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you!