Reviews for "The Anger of Animation"

Real NICE!

Its like another version of Animator vs. Animation. Its almost alike :D. Pretty good mate :).

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you!

Awsome but...

isn't that a little hard on the guy? He might have been nice if you were nice to him...

cobra0528 responds:



This is a pretty good animation. However, I do not agree that it is as creative as people said, because you said yourself the idea was from Animator vs. Animation. Plus you did things almost the same as things were done in Animator vs. Animation. For example he brok out of the flash creator ond onto the desktop by breaking a panel on the flsh creator. Things that were done just like they were in Animator vs. Animation could have been done in a different way to give it more originality.
It is a good remake of that classic animation though, Im just trying to give it constructive criticism for you to build on.

cobra0528 responds:

I agree with you...which is why I made some sequels. You also must take into consideration that this was only my third flash. Thank you for the score :)

Love it man

Love it

cobra0528 responds:

Thanks :)

mickykiller u reatard

awsome movie, almost as good as animator vs animation 1, but no where near 2, also mickykiller ur an idoit, there is a few things which are PARTALLY like animatiuon vs animator series BUT most are very different and if u say its copy and pasted off the background with the rest of the things u mentioned ur a disgrace, not cobra U, since obvoisly the background is the normal microsoft desktop and flash creator desktop.