Reviews for "Night of the sticky dead5"

Good stuff

Glad to see this finally get made, sucks it is the last one. Anyways the animation was really good and the violence was great. Good job.


I Rember seeing this like, two years ago and i rember you saying you wuoldn´t finish it and i got sad, and now i see it´s finished and i think it´s great:)

you got mive five
//Robin Rainbow

you were right

you did work hard on the gore. I don't much like stick figure stuff but it was ok. I am not going to critique this an more than what i put in the score section. congratulations of finishing it!!


i probably watched night of the sticky dead a long time ago, and it turned out to be my favorite series, choice of music, and funny humor. thank you for finishing it and it's cool to see a discontinued series.. well be continued.

Pretty awesome stick-figures.

Stick figures that don't suck. This movie is awesome. ^^;; I can't wait to see what you give us in the next episode. You keep this up, and you might redefine stick figure animation....eventually :P