Reviews for "Night of the sticky dead5"


the flash was a little over exagerated on all the cussing
the flash could have some better graffix other than sticks especially if this is your 5th submission,
the action was nice
i really liked how you made up a lot of background changing and showing scenes
i see you used a little masking, and the sticks werent killed all one stick two stick... YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!! cool flash anyways

and awesome music!!!


It was good, but were did the revolvers come from. I like how the last guy went out Spetsnaz style. When does 6 come out?

WolfySnackrib responds:

Hahaha I wish people would sit and watch through the credits of this movie. There's an extra shot of a stick lodging a machete in the brain of a zombie if you sit and watch through the credits (skipping credits wont work) and also it says "I'm so not making part 6."

And about the guns, I used JPEG files that i imported into flash, then I drew lines on top of the image and then colored it, that's why they look so damn good ;)

And Spetsnaz? Never heard of that before. But yeah I like the idea of a dude blowing himself up, taking as much of the enemy with him as he goes! :P


Sometimes, music was overbearing. But smooth transitions, and very nice animation. It lacked a storyline, but it was definitely worth watching.

Nice choice of music, especially the Pirates - Dead man's chest bit.

Everything matched. Perfect.


WolfySnackrib responds:

Yeah... if against all odds there will be a 6th part I'm intending it to have more characters, more humor, this was primarily focused on gore.
And by the way, I didn't use music from Dead man's chest. It was music from Pirates 1 and 3, not 2. But still, glad you recognised it. ;)


I liked it,


I think the script was just so bad it ruined it for me. Everytime someone talked I liked it less