Reviews for "Night of the sticky dead5"


Make the 6th, I don't care if you take 4 years to make it , just please make it. All pieces that take time are great movies, to bad that it was too short....

Nice :D

Nice job :D i have been waiting for this for soo many years, and had almost forgot about it, when i stumbled upon it just now. Im a huge fan of the previous ''Night of the Sticky Dead'' films and i think this was really awesome too! really nice work you have done with the animations. i'm a little dissapointet that u dont get to know what happens with Mike Joe and Spike, but else its a great movie 9/10. but please make a sixth movie, where u gather up the loose ends, just for us fans, hope u do, else thats just to bad ;)

I cant believe it

I cant believe this finally came out. I watched this stuff in like 6th grade, now Im in 10th grade and part 5 is here. I almost forgot about this series, but oh man am I glad to see the next part. It sucks to hear that this is the last part youre gonna make, but thank you so much for this movie anyway.

Very nice, very well done.

OMG! Stop being so lazy!


dude that was awsome!! i cant tell u the way i feel expet 4 joy! an way not make a part 6 i mean it can b the end it den even show whert mike died or if they killed spike! or if mike turned or where joey an mike are i encurge u 2 make 1 last 1 please!