Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"


Well, this game was supposed to be "THE BEST FRIKIN GAME EVER" as said in the review before me, but anyway, all you do is go around slashing your sword at random monsters to save millie. So, if you have some spare time, play this game. But only if your really, REALLY bored.

One of the best games I've played... NO SERIOUSLY!

This was an all around frick'n awesome game. I have been playing games on newgrounds for years and this is one of the best i've ever played.

The graphics were great. Personally, i thought the controlls were pretty near perfect.

honestly, there was only one thing that annoyed me while playing, that faded out graphic at the upper right cornor of the playing screen. Arn't the credits you run before the game enough?

All in all this is a game i will without a doubt come back to again and again.

The rage is building.........

good game

it was fun.
the control was a little jerky and the platforms seemed a little off sometimes. It's be kewl if you could actually get money inthe game itself to. Gold coins burst out of a guy when he's dead y'know.

Nice game...

Well, it was a very good game, maybe a bit, uh, 'overbased' on WoW but that's alright. I also found the enchant/elixir system to be annoying (that's me, anyway), especially at the start, as I wasted a good amount of gold. And also it would be nice to have berserk optional as it ate your rage and I hated when I lost double jump and other abilities.


Just an all around good fighting game! keep up the good work!