Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"

Okay game

I'd have to say it was at best okay. I don't really like WoW too much, so a game based off of it seemed a little strange to me. I liked some of the dialogue, it was funny. I didn't like all the platform jumping... I gave up after I apparently jumped so high I got stuck in the ceiling of the game.. There was no way to get down. Not sure if this is a bug you know of already. It happened on the Naga level.


i loved how u based it on WoW but there are some things i dont like ;( these are them:
.glitch in netherstorm
.when u go to dark portal u go to helfire not zangarmarsh
.u cant get new wepons/ armour
.and how come in zangarmarsh they had wiskers :s
apart from that i loved it :)

got me very annoyed

there were way too many parts in this game that required you to jump from one glitchy block to another, where it is almost impossible for you not to fall right off due to the sides of the blocks not existing. so besides restarting after one of your countless falling deaths, it was an ok game. just ok.

Not too bad I suppose

Daralon, you sir are captain obvious. Idiot, he's troll and that chick was a Blood elf, The game's based off of WoW. As for the game, you could've came up with better dialogue, made the troll look like a warrior instead of a rogue if you're going to use warrior abilities, and lastly fix up the interface man, you could fall off a platform without even going over the edge. GL next time.

Myroid responds:

The guy (Kilzek) is a goblin, the girl (Millie) is a gnome. Although his appearance is somewhat misleading, Kilzek is a fury warrior like Millie.

world of warcraft

lol you based those attack names off warrior abilities from world of warcraft that hilarious