Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 3"

Holy F***

How much pain can the boss of zone 4 take? i'm still figting him after getting killed twice, somebody give me some tips PLEASE!!

Myroid responds:

Execute right after you start Berserking. If you have the Fiery enchant, Execute will do even more damage.


I really like the style of the dude you're controlling, and especially the music makes the game pretty epic. The backflip thing and the automatic health generation was cool, although I didn't like how the attack worked. Great job overall.

quite good

the only thing disencouraging me from further play is the fact you start at the beginning with all enemys dead you have killed. im not in the mood to run through the levels to continue.
make autosavepoints
then u`ll get the deserved ten

Myroid responds:

Actually, the graves act as spawn points when you die if you destroy them.

forget what beremat said

who cares if its a ripoff, its still freakin awesome

Totally a WoW ripoff.

Way too much wow ripped off. All/most of the sound is ripped. I swear, "need more rage"? And the Elwynn Forest song is REALLY annoying. Doesn't match the atmosphere at all. Humor was okay, and I really liked "Look, I'm totally saving you!". Otherwise, not very good. The graphics were really good.
If you were to ask me whether or not it's worth playing, unfortunately, I would say NO.

Myroid responds: