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Reviews for "Ratmaze 2"

Pixel goodness

Final score: 18640.......RichBE......Update, more time, and things/objects. Great game, make more... oh and pixels are the shit, by the way

pretty good

your games have bad graphics you need to fix that and this game is pretty good but not addicting and i like how the E runs away from you


I like the concept behind it and the graphics were old school, but with voice and music with some beat to it. It's hard to describe the game, but the controls felt solid although when you eat the apple it gets harder to control because you are moving so fast but you do get to other places quicker. (I personally thought it was a chili pepper Hahahaha!) I know I have only touched the surface of the game and will have to go back to it to fully appreciate the game. Good job.

Great game

Loved it.
Haha, I submited my score, and it said I was in first place, so I got all excited. Then I realized it was just the highscore of today. The person in 1st place has 1000x my score. Hahahaha.

good game

good game im 7th :D