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Reviews for "Ratmaze 2"

not as good

as the other games but it was ok but the lag when i go to a another room my rat just stops then goes that you should fix


nice combination of musik (?!) and fast game.
the rat should be faster, then it would be perfect
and there were some bugs i noticed
i could go through some walls when i ran in the right angle


Kinda fun and neat.

The game was fun. The instructions were a little vague, but thats what made it cool. The person who gave the review before me is a dumbass for not realizing that you can toggle the music.

man thats annoying

the game was pretty fun but i souldnt stand the music!

Your worst game.

This is pixeljamgames worst game. Probably because I dont like maze games but still. It is fun but not addictive so I give it a 6/10