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Reviews for "Ratmaze 2"


more like xprerimenting acid on rats lol this game is pure genius
love the secret room...tho its hell to get the rainbow balls into their respective holes

Chaotic and Primal

This really is stunning. You've conveyed the world of a simple, instinctual creature very well here-- It can't reason beyond what it sees. You don't know why you're there or where you are in the first place. All that matters is survival. Stunning.

I got 3rd

I got third on the scorboard 3 times in a row

Great puzzle!

I kind of thought this as more of an action/adventure game because you actively did things. The coolest thing about this was how smoothly everything flowed. For something done in pixels at not a very high resolution, there was a lot of detail. I wish I knew collecting every single scrap of food mattered in the longrun. I loved the apple powerup, where I got super speed. Granted, I was not able to understand much at that speed, but it is at least cool while it lasts.

What's really neat about this game is that you worked hard to create a world that is completely your own. There are so many things to explore and so much cheese to get. I love how swiftly the rat can just move through the maze. Even the pieces of cheese seem to have their own unique designs! The balls don't do much for me, but are fun to have around.


its alright but dont think i was into