Reviews for "Up Your Nose"

Ahh, Classic Humor From England

First and foremost, I greatly enjoy the dry sense of humo(u)r in this flash animation, it was extremely refreshing. The technical aspects were spot on, all the animation was brightly colo(u)red, well drawn, and smooth. The sound wasn't crackly at all, and the voices were distinct and actually showed some emotion.

Aside from this I am not entirely sure what more I have to say. Usually when I come across an animation of such high quality it is as if I can go on for pages and pages. Well, lets see if I can add a few more useful things...

Although it is arguably too random, I personally liked your character design, especially that weird little lizard/dinosaur thing. I also liked the fact that the pet watering can could communicate... I am not entirely sure why I found that surprising, I mean a duck freaking sold a stroller (or as you called it, a pram) to a talking orange in tighty-whitey underwear and boots. Something about the above scenarios suggests that the flash itself might have a somewhat querky bend to it.

If adapting it to an American audience, in the future, you could try to make the humo(u)r a little less dry, but, most of us over here will get it. Aside from that I really have nothing to criticize, you are good at flash and it shows. Oh, but by the way, that rule of apostrophes isn't correct in American English. For me, I am perfectly gramatically correct in saying, "DVD's For Sale!" If I want to.

plentymagpies responds:

Haha! I didn't know that about American English. I was more concerned Americans wouldn't know Joe Pasquale :) (He's a bad comedian btw). Thanks for kind comments.


A TALKING BANANA! Wait its a orange.. Thats ok then..
This is weird, but very stylish.. and nice :]]
Well done :D

A real treat!

Everything about this film is a joy. The story is innovative, the graphics and animation are decent, the character designs are original and the humour is spot on! That pet watering can has to be one of the most endearing characters I've seen in a long, long time. Make this into a series, I guarantee it will be a brilliant success.