Reviews for "Up Your Nose"


A very great flash.


Fucking awesome. Perfect in every way. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing to loud and waking my flatmate!

Worth the wait.

I Appreciate your going through the measures of lack of sleep to create the flash, it was funny, and if it was for a grade, it would be good in my books.


The graphics were nice, the voice acting was also pretty good but maybe its just me and it might be, that wasnt funny at all, hence the 8. Maybe it apeals to other people maybe not, just imo.

Great stuff!

You know, the only reasons can I think of why this might have gotten a score under 4 are either:

1) The majority of people who saw it are offended because they are of course culprits of the misuse of the apostrophe, or
2) The majority of the people who saw it are probably American, and were annoyed/confused that you used the word 'pants' to describe the orange's underwear, instead of, well, 'underwear' or perhaps 'briefs'. Possibly...

But it's probably the former, to be honest.

plentymagpies responds:

Thanks for the high score. I know what you mean; i find myself tutting loudly at the disgusting use of apostrophes here. I wonder if Joe Pasquale's big in America.