Reviews for "Up Your Nose"


That was the craziest thing i've seen today. Great animation! It tought me not to misuse my apostrophe's!

I like it

It was pretty entertaining to watch, a little long for my liking. The slap fight was halarious, i cant stop laughing. Although the animation was a little sketchy, but for the time that you spent on it, you did a good job. Keep it up!

good one

that was a pretty funny animation. this one had a very interesting concept behind it, pretty cool graphics, cool audio and the animation was pretty smooth and entertaining. i also notice that this animation was for university as well.... hope you got a good grade for it.


Made me chuckle for a bit. This reminded me of some of David Firths work with all the accents and weird looking characters only with more colour and less creepyness. Well done

Pretty cool.

I really enjoyed it, animation was fine, the voice acting was pretty cool, and i LOVED the orange. lol, very random.
The humour wasnt truly my type,but i guess it is to others, so i'll give it a go for that.
Great work! :D