Reviews for "Super Snake"

ok but a little glitchy...

Yeah like the last guy said the items are buggy some times you get them but for some reason it doesn't work. Also they appear right on the edge so it's impossible to get some without dying.
And don't say you've allready explained why the items fail in other responses, because we can't see all reviews till it's through judgement.

My other complaint is the display pic for this game. It's not very impressive and nearly put me of playing the game at all.

The graphics were pretty good, better than a lot games you see getting submitted. However not quite good enough to qualify for the games collection.


Dude, the music is annoying as hell and make the item easier to pick up, you have to hit it perfectly which is frustrating.
Whatever though, it's only your first flash.

UplinkGames responds:

You can toggle off the music if its that annoying....and ive explained in the other review responses why the item is hard to pick-up

but thanks for the review anyway

Not bad.

I like how you have to be so precise on how you get the apple. Like you cant be one little square off. I got to 230 points and died. not original, but always fun.

UplinkGames responds:

You already beat my highscore :P
Thanks for the review!


it was good for a beginner but sometimes when the snake went over the thing it didnt pick it up

UplinkGames responds:

Thx for the review...
Look at rocket-scientist's review and my response to it...


i normally dont play snake games, but this one is pretty cool.... oh.. and if you are wondering why violence is getting a 10...... well.. THINK OF THE APPLES MAN!... they are getting eaten!... heh..

UplinkGames responds:

Hehehehe..i guess i should have made blood come out of the apples when you ate them....