Reviews for "Super Snake"

A little iffy

I had a problem with going through the things the snake has to eat, which look like mini-dynamite sticks. This was due to the controllability of the snake and how inaccurate turning could be.

The game itself wasn't bad. Score a 170 on my last attempt, which is mediocre I'd say.

Quie good.

But I couldnt eat the third object, it just stepped on it.

Not Bad

Better then most snake games I played. Maybe now add some diffren't game modes or twist like landmines that spawn on the map or something like that.

Needs work

This game still needs alot of work. The graphics looked alright but its full of glitches. Sinse this is just a basic snake games its not very intereseting to play anyway. It has been done 32465656 times before and ofthen better than this. No offence but try to put in a twist to make it more original. Anyway don't give up cause you do have potential.
keep it up


It was pretty good, one thing hough. Make the "hitbox" of the apple bigger, it's kind of annoying to basically go through the apple because you missed the turn by that one tiny square.