Reviews for "Super Snake"


the snake graphic was too thick. the green could cover the food without eating it.

goodluck with your further games

UplinkGames responds:

I am aware of that problem..but...I do think it looks cooler with the think green line (it actually looks like a snake) but i couldnt make it work correctly without screwin up the whole game so..im sorry for that

That was pretty good

Its just a snake game but its still ok.....but mostly the song saved you..I think you did well for a first flash...I hope it gets through the portal

UplinkGames responds:

Thank you for the review, I hope it gets through the portal too :P

It Was Nice

Graphics,Sounds,And The Game was Ok..

But...The Game Its Not Accurate,The Snake Wont Eat The "Cherry" If You Would'nt Make It Super Accurate,Maybe You Could Fix That

~~~~The Rest,Really cool! 3/5

UplinkGames responds:

Thx man i appreciate the review

As for the problem....that was a main thing the i had trouble with,and sadly,I had to overlook it