Reviews for "Azul Baronis"


I really enjoyed it :D. I space game where enemys actually attack EACHOTHER. Other games the ships on other teams attack only you. This is great. Very great. So great I must turn off my computer or it will explode! CYA!

Good game.

I am not very good at these types of games, though I think that maybe the screen should be zoomed out a little so that I can see all the ships, it seems rather easy for the ship I am chasing to just disapear and I am disoriented as to where the ship has gone (i.e. has the enemy ship turned and which way did it turn?)

I think that there should be difficulty levels for people like me :P

Thanks for the experience though :)




Ain't Absolutely Flawless, But Never The Less Good For A Time Waster/Mindless
Shooter. The Music Can Become Very Annoying And Explosions Could Be More Realistic Then Bursting Into Flame And Turning Into Space Ash. 8 Out Of 10! Will There Be A Sequel?

just good

very good game, but maybe it should be a bit easier for the fighter to dodge the testudon's beams