Reviews for "Antbuster"

Addictive and Fun!

This is an overall good defense game. It's fun, interesting, unique, and original. Not too many good ones like this.

The only complaint I have, is similar to many other reviewers. The cannons end up costing so much, it gets almost impossible to build new ones. Even the upgrades for the cannons are insanely expensive.

Aside for that, it's great. Nice and challanging, addictive, and overall, damn fun.


yay this is a great game i got to level 69 the only problem is it doesnt have enough different options

muito bom

difícil ver um jogo em portugues em newgrounds, principalmente um bom que nem esse. nota 10

rstein responds:

Muito obrigado... como sou brasileiro (e com muito orgulho), fiz o jogo todo em Português e depois fiz as traduções para os outros idiomas. :)

Quando o Antbuster 2 estiver pronto, pode contar com a versão em português também!


nice work

its a great game and i love it, but there is one thing thats anoying me. if you have five electrik canons and you upgrade one you lose power until they are al upgraded. but thats the only thing that isnt great. keep up the nice work

Fun and original

I'm not much for tower defence games, but this is definatly one of my favorites.
Their unpredictable route and the ability to target specific enemies sets this apart from most td games i have tried.

The upgrade system is well done and the difficulty is fair while remaining challenging enough to keep one interested. A very good game!