Reviews for "Antbuster"

Ant colony optimization?

From the behavior of the ants within the game it certainly seems as if you used ant colony optimization in the ant AI. If this is the case then I applaud you as this is a great and innovative implementation of the concept. If you wouldn't mind replying, did you in fact use ACO and if so what were the challenges in implementing it here? Did you use any other AI techniques of note?


This has to be one of the best games i have played in a while. The difficulty steadally incresses with each level, and the cannons get more expensive each time. One thing i do suggest is to make the cannon price increase a LITTLE slower twards the 1000 dollar range... Other than that, great game!


I love this game but i only get till lvl 65 or so
Do u guys have special tactics

hey can someone help

ill give u a ten but after it loads it says or does is nothing it might be my computer but i dont know


Awesome Game!!!
Got to lvl 80.. =]