Reviews for "Antbuster"

Great game... 10... Very funny!!!!

Muito divertido este joguinho...

Morro de raiva daquelas formiguinas safadas quando elas pegam meu bolo... Aquela risadinha é sarcástica!! rsrsrs

Muito bem bolado... A idéia é muito original e os gráficos são muito bonitinhos!! Passo um tempão jogando, tô muito viciada...


best game ever holy shit!
(menu music kicks ass)

very very clever

i liekd how, when i had 3 long range cannons, my other two cannons gained a +10 range bonus, i wasn't expecting that, very cleverly layed out, very spacious so you can have alot of towers, except the price increases tore me down, but the game value, is replayable, which is pretty much all i look for in a game.

10/10 5/5 highly enjoyable.

like it

could be better


I played this for about 3 hours! Got to level 61 and didn't lose a single piece of cake till level 57. Very excellent game. I really liked how there were different branches of weapon upgrades. It was also pretty cool how consistency with a some weapon types would give them bonuses. Very well thought out and executed game! Keep it up!