Reviews for "Pokemon - Lavender Town"


It was a long time ago when I was playing pokémon on GBC.
I remember when I couldnt understand English at all back then. (Ime Dutch btw)
It cost me weeks to get the pokéflute for moving that fat snorlax..
This song has something.. idk, hypnotising.. can't stop.. must.. find.. pokéflute.. must.. defeat... Cubone's mum.. lvl 30... ghost..can't.. catch.. ghosts.. lol :P
Lol :P nice job ;)


I love this tune. I always hung around in Lavender for at least 5 minutes every time I happened to pass through just to listen to the tune.


Great song. But scary as hell.


I always got goosebumps when i played. I still do, and I'm scary!

Very nice !

I love this song, even if it is pretty creepy, depressing.
When I was a child, and when I arrived first to this city, I was scared... I'm still shivering a bit when listening to this song... Remember the kid asking you if you believed in ghosts ? Scaring for a little boy as I was ^^