Reviews for "Pokemon - Lavender Town"

Argh! Ghastly!

Nice way to start. You kept a very spooky theme to this one which gives you the creaps. Thats why I love the effects and the guitar sounds very nice. I personally love the pokemon songs. I used to play Pokemon Trading Card Game because I never collected them. Great songs! If you ever run out of ideas for remixes, play that game and make some. Im sure youd like them(:
OR: 9, never heared a remix of this one before.
DI: 7, ok ok.. But neither was the original, and it would be a bit difficult to make this a very happening song, spooky is repetitive.
CL: 10, very nice guitar and effects
EF: 8, I have the feeling that it wasnt that difficult to make.
OV: 8, Simple, nice.. Strange pick, but cool(:

this song always freaked me out

(shudder) Great song but I had to shut it off 'cause I started to feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. i don't care what people think of me but the pokemon games were great portable rpgs with great music and you just made the one song that creeped me out even better. (sorry for the long review.)


I remember this music.... i beat that game so many times and every time i remember wanting to get out of that town as fast as i possibly could because... well i was like 6 or 7..

Nice job telling off the guy below me.


holy fuck
all your songs are terrible.
instead of submitting 5 songs a day you should get a fucking life

ZombiePosessor responds:

Ok see, this is funny because I know someone just created this account to do this. I'm guessing Stage 3-1 or someone else thats "elitist" from this section of NG. First of all, I know my songs aren't terrible. I have a lot better material than most of the songs on the audio portal. Secondly, I haven't submitted 5 songs a day for a long time, which is why I think its someone like Stage 3-1 or someone else like that, whose been around for a while, because I haven't submitted 5 songs a day for a while. And who needs to get a life more, someone who spends time creating, or someone who spends time making little comments like these on someone's songs? Yeah, thought so.

Rock on dude! ;)

it reminds me of pokemon yellow (cuss i got that) Im gonan download ya songs onto my MP3 player! :D . aw no! i forgot to put a IZ mp3 toy on my xmas list lol.