Reviews for "Pokemon - Lavender Town"


Its a remix yet it still has its spooky feeling. Very very nice!


oh god the memories
i remember in yellow when t roket killed cubonz mum and
i got nigtmares 4 a week
now im scared again

Pokemon has changed.

It's not about exploring anymore. It's about the merchandise.

Nice track. I loved the classic PM games. This town always kinda freaked me out as a kid. With the ghosts, and the "dead" stories...


A thought...

Anyone else, as first generation Pokemon gamers, feel that Pokemon has changed into something entirely different?

Agree with the guy below

For a dutch man you have no issues in clairty with getting what you think down onto the computer. I totally agree with the eerire, controlling aspect that this song has. It is hypnotising, and I love it.

This is a great recreation.