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Reviews for "Line Runner"

nice job

i liked the game...
when u r collecting too many of that lollipops in a combo the game is crashing...
hope u can fix it


Very interesting and amusing. Kinda fast though..

And oh, no kidding, but the game crashed once.. I guess it went too fast. O_o

i love it!!

OMG!!! this game is almost perfect!! it was a bit laggy, and i couldnt find anything to set the quality.... but thats the only thing that i didnt like about it. WELL DONE!!

Awesome! =)

Great game, good graphics, style and even better gameplay!
One thing that would make the game better, is problaby the ability to toggle different graphic settings. For those with lower spec computers or slower internett lines, may experience lag. All in all a nearly perfect game to play when you really should be working or doing your homework. ^^

Needs a Change Quality Button

I got very frustrated because I wasn't able to change my Quality... So when it went really fast, it lagged like hell

You should know that there's a lot of poor ppl out there w/ crappy comps..

Anyways.. it was a fun game.. gj

Basset-Hound responds:

Go0gley says:
The only reason why you'll change the quality is to speed up the game. Meanwhile the default quality is LOW which means you can only change it to medium or high. Since when did medium or high run faster than low?