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Reviews for "Bulletproof : Pico Day 07"

lol there is no extra scene

GRR You made me watch the credis awesome flash though it almost made me start doing weed! :)

RWA responds:

Lol. Thanks for the review! :D


so thats why its called bulletproof

RWA responds:

Yea, fits perfectly :D


oww man this is funny Jase singed i'm a barbie girl and Jim opened the closet and there is a sign don't use this for drugs only smoke and i didn't know that all along!

extras:I named called them Jase and Jim because they're also the charater used in killing spree and Jase' hat has a logo of a cigarette but in killing spree there is something wrote in his hat and that is K-S stands for killing spree

RWA responds:

They're not characters from killing spree. One stick-figure has a green hat. That's the only resemblance.
thanks for the 10


You should make more! Keep up the good work!

RWA responds:



this is bettter then the 0riginal pic0s sch00l. THIS is h0w things s0huld have went!

RWA responds:

Wow, I'm really happy you liked it that much! :D
Super thanks!